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Book a Session

You can book a Spiritual Direction or Enneagram Coaching session below. The sessions are each 45-60 minutes long. My standard rate is $75 for each session, but I believe that everyone should have access to these practices, so let me know if we need to discuss a needs-based modified fee. I can also meet at special locations, by request, for a small fee. You can book a free 15-minute consultation with me if you have questions or special requests. I block off 15 minutes before and after each standard session for prayer and reflection to ensure that you have my undivided attention during our time together. Please be sure to bring a topic that you would like to explore. If you need an idea of what we can talk about, check out our F.A.Q.

60 Minute Session

This is a full 45-60 Minute Session for Enneagram Coaching or Spiritual Direction. The cost of the session is $75 unless other arrangements were discussed beforehand.

15 Minute Consultation

This is a short, 15-minute, complimentary consultation to answer any questions you might have about Spiritual Direction or Enneagram Coaching.

Service Agreement

Before your first session take a moment to complete our agreement form. The form covers information like confidentiality, cancelation policies, and a statement of understanding that these services are not therapy.

Have Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for some additional information on Spiritual Direction and Enneagram Coaching. If you have additional questions before booking your first session please reach out to Chris Edwards by email: or by phone at (828) 545-3503.

Speaking Engagements

Father Chris occasionally takes on speaking engagements on topics like Spiritual Direction, spiritual practices, deconstruction, or the Enneagram. Here are a few of the talks that Father Chris has delivered recently.

You can inquire about booking a speaking engagement by reaching out via email at